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I Love You/Me Because

I Love You/Me Because


This interactive book explores what love means. The intention is to look beyond the surface of the word - LOVE - and get to its true meaning. The idea for this book was born from the curiosity of this word and how it is internalized differently. Our individual stories affect how we see and feel LOVE.

LOVE is a connector to ourselves and others. It makes us feel giddy, excited, peaceful, relaxed and safe. LOVE can be messy, glorious, complicated or simple. It is our silent wish. The threads you see running through the pages connect these ideas and creative energy of LOVE effortlessly.

Explore these pages one by one. Get a window into these individuals' worlds. The hope is that you get a take away that makes you smile, heightens your awareness of others viewpoints and brings a higher level of acceptance and understanding.

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