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Grief Support
Living Through Loss and Grief

We all experience a variety of losses: the death of a loved one or a beloved pet, the diagnoses of an illness, relationships ending, or job loss; just to name a few. Losses are emotional and challenging with a whole range of grief reactions including psychological and behavioral. When you have clarity on your losses and grief reactions, you will feel empowered to live your life more authentically. If this resonates with , I hope you will join me in the Living Through Loss and Grief Community.


Ellen offers a variety of options for grief support. This includes a free Facebook group: Living Through Loss and Grief. In addition she offers a free monthly masterclass to help you receive additional support beyond the Facebook group. For more information, reach out at

Zen Stones

Join the community

Join our Facebook group to join a community to help you through your journey and stay updated on events and workshops with Ellen.

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