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As a Social Worker, my goal is to help an individual, their child(ren) and/or family with whatever issue(s) they want / need to address. Therapy is about meeting you where you are at emotionally and facilitating your progress in a treatment plan that we develop together. There are many different types of therapy and I tend to use an eclectic and systems-based approach which takes into consideration where a person has been in their life and the many factors which are feeding into where they are now emotionally and mentally. Methods used include supporting you with: journaling, talk therapy, art, music, meditation, exercise, yoga and reading, to name a few. Treatment can be longer term (6 months or more) or more short term crisis intervention and problem solving of a specific situation.


We provide the following forms of counseling and coaching related to:

  • marriage / relationship concerns

  • family dynamic concerns

  • life transition assistance for adults and children related to death, separation, divorce, depression, anxiety, and other loss and grief concerns


Ellen Craine uses her 25+ years of experience to help families cope with sudden life changes and new experiences.  Counseling can be a helpful tool for adults and children alike.

Due to Federal and State Law updates that I provide a Good Faith Estimate to all clients and that the Estimate will be personalized if we decide to work together. You can find it through the link below:

*** Please note: We do not accept insurance. But, can give you a receipt to submit on your own.

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