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Deep Talk with the Masters: A New Documentary Series

As Associate Producer of this docu-series directed by Emmy nominated producer, Dr. Angela Sadler Williamson, I am so proud of Authentic Conversations: Deep Talk with the Masters featuring my mentors, Jack Canfield, Kate Butler and Patty Aubery-I even have a cameo. You can see it on PBS´ website and app. With the goal to make documentaries that inspire change and give hope, everyone who’s watched "Authentic Conversations"

has felt empowered. Now, we are preparing for live screenings to make an even bigger impact. You can join the movement: We would love for you to follow Authentic Conversations on Social Media.

Press Release March 2022

Talk with Associate Producers

Deep Talk with the Masters

My Life with Rosie

Authentic Conversations: Deep Talk with the Masters TrailerThat's A Wrap! Thank you for helping _De…Masters_ Reach Its Fundraising Goal!

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