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Shout it from the Rooftops

Shout it from the Rooftops


In Ellen's next co-authored book, she shares the challenges and joys of caring for an aging parent and offers guidance to support readers on similar journeys.


This collection of stories is all about that moment when you want to climb up the proverbial mountain, grab your megaphone and just Shout It From The Rooftops that thing(s) that you have learned along this journey called life. These windows into these incredible humans worlds offer so much light for us to benefit from their wisdom.”

“Each and every person sees life through their lens. As we know we can all go through the same experiences BUT not have the same takeaways. These individuals that raised their hand to share their stories realized that they have something to say and it is worthy of the attention to be heard on the pages of a book. Sharing with each other forms stronger connections as individuals and as a society. Through storytelling we do not feel so isolated in our experiences and can say “ Me Too, while also being open to the perspective of learning something new.”

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