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Ellen Craine JD. LMSW-Clinical & Macro, ACSW.INHC

About Ellen

JD. LMSW-Clinical & Macro, ACSW. INHC

Ellen M. Craine is in private practice as a licensed clinical and macro social worker in the State of Michigan. She owns Craine Counseling and Consulting Group and has over 25 years of experience working with couples, families, groups, and individuals in a variety of capacities. She has been a divorce and family mediator and parenting coordinator, working with high-conflict co-parents to improve their ability to co-parent more effectively. Ellen is a relationship and life coach incorporating the science of success with her social work experience.

Navigation Assistance Through Your Social Work Ethical Dilemmas


The following services are provided to individual social workers and private clients 

Social Work Business and Ethics Consulting by Craine Counseling

Social Work Business and Ethics Consulting

We provide strategies that build confidence and reduce stress and anxiety for social workers with our proven method for navigating the social work ethics maze.

Family Law Consulting by Craine Counseling (Image by Taylor Van Riper)

Family Law Consulting

Parenting plan evaluations 

Co-parenting coaching and support

Grief Support by Craine Counseling

Grief Support

Living Through Loss and Grief is a safe place to get support on your lifelong journey with loss and grief. You get real talk from the heart from someone who has experienced multiple losses and is a clinical social worker. Tools will be provided to help you navigate your personal life long journey with grief.


2531 Jackson Ave. Suite 342

Ann Arbor, MI 48103

(248) 539-3850

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