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Navigation Assistance Through Your Social Work Ethical Dilemmas




Ellen M. Craine and Craine Counseling and Consulting Group offer the
following educational programs for social workers:

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Ethical Considerations in Racial Justice / Injustice (Live Virtual)

Legal and Ethical Issues with Informed Consent and Telehealth (Live Virtual)

Navigating the Social Work Ethics Maze: The 5 Pillars for Consideration

Developing Informed Consent Forms: What Social Workers Need to Know

What Social Workers Need to Know About Subpeonas and Ethics

A Look at Macro Ethics for Social Workers

Social Work Ethics and Technology

Ethical Issues in Divorce and Custody

Ethical and Legal Issues in Domestic Abuse for Social Workers

Legal and Ethical Issues in Domestic Abuse: Introducing Screening

Legal and Ethical Issues With Medical Marijuana 6 hours (includes 3 hours Ethics)

Social Work Ethics and Integrative Medicine in Pediatric Oncology

Loss and Grief Associated with Childhood Cancer Diagnosis and Treatment

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